ECET Union List of Serials Project Meeting and IODE/EURASLIC workshop on the European Countries in Economic Transition ODIN initiative


Dates: 27-28 October 2005
Venue: IOC project Office for IODE

List of participants (27 – 28 October 2005)

Meeting Report

Day 1: 27 October 2005

  1. Reception and welcome by Dr V. Vladymyrov – explanation of IODE Project Office mission and activities
  2. Demonstration of the extended possibilities of IMIS (Integrated Marine Information System), by Jan Haspeslagh. The IMIS-database will be used to manage the ECET Union List of Serials catalog.
  3. Visit to the VLIZ-library
  4. Confirmation of Euraslic Conference site for 2007 in Ukraine, explanation by Olga Akimova. Proposed dates: the week of 7 May 2007 (needs to be checked with holidays in different countries)
  5. ECET Union List of Serials Project: technical consultations for input and developments in the IMIS-module for Journals

    Several technical issues with the input software were discussed and resolved. The short-term planning to complete the input for all participating libraries, and to bring the catalog online was discussed and resulted in following points of action:
    1. Compilation of master file of journal titles + their metadata (Ludmila Kulagina): will be sent to the participating libraries together with the Excel sheet prepared by Maria Kalenchits.
      Each library will then add its own holdings (detailed to the issue-level or possibility to add ”incomplete”)
    2. VLIZ will add a note field to the holdings level, and an URL field for each Journal title
    3. For the web output, a symbol will be added, referring to subscription information for a journal (when available in a particular library)
    4. For the web output, a request-form for each library will be created (list of library email addresses needed)
    5. The team will provide an authority list for the library/institute names, to VLIZ as soon as possible
    6. Quality control by Ludmila Kulagina and afterwards by VLIZ before actual entry in the IMIS-database.
    7. Planning: the complete data input for all Cyrillic journals ready and online on the EURASLIC-website in January 2006.

Day 2: 28 October 2005

1. Policy for the ECET Union List of Serials Project:

Discussion took place on what the policy should be for this project. This resulted in following points which will be edited to the official policy statement, that will be published on the website for this project.

a. This catalogue will address the ECET-EURASLIC network in first instance: members will be contacted to participate with their data and services to this project, new contacts will be sought, and they will be asked to join EURASLIC as (associate) members, and to contribute to this project. Special attention will go to ECET-countries that have never been involved in this kind of activity before (e.g. Belarus, Moldavia, Albania,… ). In a later stage, other EURASLIC members will be asked to participate as well, but priority should always go to European partners that are not yet involved in other similar initiatives of aquatic distributed catalogues.

b. This catalogue will contain (by preference) national, regional, and institutional serials and journals, but other catalogue information of the participating libraries (such as international journal holdings) is welcomed.

c. The content of the listed serials and journals will be any information on the aquatic environment (marine, brackish, freshwater)

d. The functionalities provided by this catalogue will be:

  • Information on availability (under any form) of serial publications and journals in the participating libraries
  • A document delivery facility between all participating libraries for all documents listed in the catalogue
  • Full text access to the literature published in these serial publications and journals (planning and timeframe still to be determined)

2. Questionnaire on MIM-needs to be supported by a possible ODIN for Europe: review and discussion

Maria Kalenchits presents the results of the first questionnaire sent to Ukrainian and Russian libraries on the state and needs of their aquatic libraries.

These preliminary results show some clear priority needs and issues:

  • IT equipment is not available or outdated
  • Lack of training in library and information management
  • Lack of language capability (English, French)

Dr Vladymyrov clarifies the financial situation of IOC and IODE with regards to the support for ODIN initiatives. Conclusion is that our new network should start with activities that can be realized on short term and with limited resources. Regarding the ECET UNION Catalogue, Dr Vladymyrov expresses the wish (from the scientific community) to link this catalogue to full text documents as soon as possible (in a 2nd phase of this project).

A more detailed questionnaire, possibly with some other questions will be sent around to the same libraries and to new ones. At the same time, we will inform the GEMIM-group (chair: Susie Davies) with cc to Peter Pissierssens of our current activities and results, and will request her advise on the questionnaire and the actions we want to take.

Jan Haspeslagh clarifies the procedure to ‘establish’ an ODIN network. The report of the IODE XVIII-meeting contains the endorsement by the IODE group to actually start an ODIN for Eastern Europe, based on the results of a questionnaire on the MIM-needs in Eastern Europe. This gives us the official endorsement from IODE to proceed with this initiative.

3. Structure, policy and activities to be adopted for the new European ODIN-network

The purpose should be to start at the basis, i.e. organizing the actual participants and contacts in the current group and start activities with this small group quickly. For the moment this group consists mainly of Russian, Baltic and Ukrainian members, but it is the purpose to expand this group gradually to the other ECET countries. As there is no possibility on short term to attract funding, we want to focus on projects that can be executed in a short period of time, with limited funds and with direct results. EURASLIC –being a well-established European network of MIM institutes and persons- will cooperate closely with the new European ODIN-network, and will give support on a cooperative basis.

Immediate points of action are:

  • Form a Coordinating Group of at least 4 members (M. Kalenchits will be a project coordinator for information management, Olga Akimova – member of coordinating group, Ludmila Kulagina – member of coordinating group, J. Haspeslagh will be de facto member, as the responsible for all supporting services). It was suggested to nominate one more member from Russia to the coordinating group).
  • Expand the network of National MIM representatives for IOC (with support from P. Pissierssens and V. Vladymyrov), focus on appointing aquatic librarians!
  • Write a concept document that describes the way we will start the European ODIN, and that proposes an list of activities for 2006; all this to be presented and discussed during a kick-off meeting early 2006 (March?)
  • Discuss this document with GEMIM and with the Coordinating Group
  • Choose a name for this ODIN network to be adopted at the kick-off meeting.

After exploratory discussion (based on the results of the draft questionnaire following list of activities is proposed for 2006:

  • Kick-Off Meeting (March?) at IODE Project Office Oostende
  • Training session at IODE Project Office Oostende (back-to-back with kick-off meeting?) in basic MIM for participants to be selected mainly amongst the current participants in the ECET Union List of Serials group, and amongst the group that responded to the first questionnaire
  • A train-the-trainers session later in 2006 at IODE Project Office Oostende (from September on, possibly back-to-back with ASFA-meeting?) where participants with English and Russian language capabilities will receive training to instruct MIM afterwards in the ECET-region
  • A follow-up in 2007 is planned during the EURASLIC meeting in Crimea, Ukraine where these trainers will organize the first local MIM session for Russian-speaking participants
  • Labeling of the ECET Union List of Serials catalogue as a project under the ODIN umbrella
  • (translation of the MIM-part of OceanTeacher in Russian when sufficient updated material is available)

Note: The BLICOP-project has been discussed, and will be followed up between IBSS and VLIZ, as a separate activity for the time being.


  • List of participants
  • Projects description
  • Agenda of meeting
  • Excel table containing data on the state and needs of the aquatic libraries in Russia and Ukraine (2 sheets)
  • Results of survey of the state and needs of aquatic libraries in Russia and Ukraine

A list of the activities for the first phase of the ODINEUROPE  for ECET PROJECT agreed at the IODE/EURASLIC workshop.

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