7-9th May 2007, “Krimskoe Primor'e”, Crimea, Ukraine

Objectives of the course

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Cooperation between the aquatic libraries in Central and Eastern Europe is given strong support from IODE/IOC, IAMSLIC and  EURASLIC.  To adapt a marine information management in the region to international standards and to support the networking of libraries, a series of initiatives were put into practice, in particular, those related to continuous professional development of the personnel.

The kick-off meeting of the ECET coordinating group was held on 25th March 2006 in Oostende, Belgium; the document on launching the ODINECET project was adopted and among the main objectives was providing training opportunities in marine information management. Further planning included the organisation of the regional basic training course in Ukraine for Russian and Ukrainian marine librarians.

 List of participants (7 – 9 May 2007).

 Programme and Timetable (7 - 9 May 2007).


During the training the tasks set by ODINECET were discussed.

1. Objective 1.4 Prepare a detailed survey of libraries state and needs (2006), results of which will be addressed by ODINECET underlines that the number of participants who filled in the on-line questionnaire is regrettably small: the 20 available questionnaires do not allow making reliable conclusions. In December 2006 the IODE Project Office distributed the printed questionnaire between 40 libraries in Russia. After having been filled, the questionnaires should be sent to Ms. Olga Akimova. In Ukraine the printed filled in questionnaire was received from the library of the Hydrobiological Institute (Kiev), four other libraries answered it on-line.

Resolution: those participants of the training who have not answered the questionnaires as yet must complete them  and send it to a Coordinator. The aquatic libraries in Russiawill be asked to send back the filled-in questionnaires in two months. Analysis of the answered questionnaires should be completed by late September 2007.

  • Objective 2.1 To continue with the development of the ECET Union Catalogue of Serials project was discussed in detail at the meeting of the ECET group on the Discussion Session of the 12th Conference of EURASLIC. Ms. Lyudmila Kulagina, Coordinator of the project, made a report about work that had been done and the outlook for the future. The report was translated from Russian into English and disseminated among the participants. Both versions (in Russian and in English) are attached to be presented on the ODINECET website.

Resolution: to encourage the libraries not engaged in the project to take part in the activities the project entails. To foster performing the tasks associated with compiling the Catalogue.

  • Objective 4 Assist with the development and dissemination of aquatic information, responding to the needs of the scientific community and Objective 4.1 OceanExpert – promote the input of the ECET-data to this directory of marine and freshwater professionals. During the training time a special lecture that described the OceanExpert in detail and a practical training lesson that focused on how to correctly fill in the questionnaire  were given.

Resolution: instructions explaining how to correctly fill in the questionnaire should be worked out and printed in Russian. The instructions and the questionnaire should be distributed among the libraries participating in the ODINECET project. Implementation of the task should be placed under control.

  • The idea about creation of repositories and the related opinions and decisions stirred up the most vivid interest.

It was decided to create the repository for the countries participating in the ODINECET project. The initial stage suggests creation of the repository of the Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas (IBSS). The task will be performed in steps:

  • by 1 June 2007 two already existing systems of e-repositories should be chosen for assessment of their functional and customisation qualities, flexibility and scalability;
  • during June 2007 these systems should be tested for final choice;
  • an essential requirement is the compatibility of metadata standards and metadata exchange  protocols;
  • an important task is providing translation of the repository user interface into native languages of countries-participants in ODINECET (Russian at first);
  • next step is filling in the IBSS repository with the institute publications;
  • the policy for using the IBSS repository should be worked out to ensure the prototype that would encourage further involvement of more members of ODINECET;
  • a test repository should simultaneously be launched to provide training of participants of the ODINECET group.

It was proposed to name the joint repository CEEMaR (Central and Eastern Europe Marine Repository).
5. Russian participants of the training course suggested to hold a national meeting for other aquatic libraries in order to attract them to participate in ODINECET Union Catalogue Project and in creating their Institutional repositories.

The report is also available in Russian (PDF).

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