Training: First ODINECET training course in marine information management

Dates: 13-24 March 2006
Venue: IOC Project Office for IODE, Ostend, Belgium

Programme and Timetable (13 - 24 March 2006)

List of participants (13 - 24 March 2006)

Conclusions of Discussions

Summary of the needs of the ECET group aquatic libraries,(based on the reports by the participants of the MIM training

Need for training - was indicated by all the trainees (mentioned:  basic and advanced training; training for trainers – Bulgaria, Croatia, Ukraine; regional training - Russia).

The necessity of equipment support was indicated by the majority of  trainees (Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine). In many cases available equipment is out of date and needs to be replaced with the  modern one (PC-s, scanners, copying equipment are  mentioned) to enable libraries to contribute to the ODINECET project.

Libraries networking

  • National/Regional  networking
    • Russia has indicated the need to organize a Russian group of aquatic libraries with the center in Moscow (VNIRO), in order to involve other aquatic libraries into the cooperation. The need for the IODE supportive letter (containing information on the importance of being a member of the international professional organizations, participating in the ODINECET project, benefits of regional networking)  addressed directly to the authorities of the aquatic institutions in Russia (VNIRO, AzNIIRKH, SakhNIRO) was indicated;
    • Poland has indicated the need to establish a coordinating center in Poland;
    • Estonia and Latvia have indicated the need to cooperate with other aquatic libraries in the region (especially with other Baltic states).
  • Networking through the participation in joint projects (ECET Union Catalogue) the need was indicated by all the trainees.
  • Russia has indicated the need to hold a national meeting for other aquatic libraries in order to attract them to participate in ODINECET Union Catalogue Project.

Access to the ASFA database. This need was indicated by Russia (SakhNIRO) and Latvia. Latvia is considering to become an ASFA Collaborating Center.

Need for memberships support

  • Need for financial assistance with membership fees was indicated by Bulgaria and  Ukraine).

Need for hosting the website

  • Need to host the library website at the IODE Project Office server was indicated by VNIRO and Ukrainian aquatic libraries.

Appointment of National Coordinator for IODE. The need was indicated by Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Russia.

  • Russia will prepare a letter on behalf of the Russian group of ECET in support of Liudmila Kulagina (the leading engineer of VNIRO) as a national IODE coordinator for marine informational management and send this letter to the Science Department of Russian Fishery Agency and to the Russian Representative in IOC;
  • Latvia has indicated the need for Latvia to become a member state of  IOC.

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