Global Harmful Algal Blooms

Benthic HABs

New tools are necessary to manage and mitigate the impacts of benthic blooms on human health and the environment.

P.T. Lim, University of Malaya

L. Escalera, SZN

HABs and Aquaculture 

The oyster farms are susceptible to algal biotoxin contamination and blooms that have direct lethal effects on the shellfish

Cawthron Institute

Observation, Modelling and Prediction

New capabilities in observation and modelling will improve the detection and prediction of HABs

O. Wade, Hawkes Bay Regional Council

Biodiversity and Biogeography

Combining modern and classic taxonomy tools and long time series will contribute to identify the factors that determine the changing distribution of HAB species and their genetic variability.

C. Whyte, SAMS

Freshwater HABs and Cyanobacterial HABs
Coordination will help to develop a global perspective in advancing the science and management of freshwater HABs, and cyanobacterial HABs in marine, brackish and freshwater habitats

M. Burford, Griffith University

One Health
The most efficient way to protect human and animal health is to prevent exposure to contaminated sea products.

Washington State Department of Health

In the broader picture GlobalHAB contributes to improved management of HABs as an ocean hazard through improved preparedness and early warning systems contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goal 11, target 11.5 and Priority 4 and Global target 7 of the Sendai Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) 2015-2030.


Global Harmful Algal Blooms - GlobalHAB - an international science programme on HABs building on the foundations of GEOHAB

  • Science and Implementation Plan

An international programme sponsored jointly by the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR) and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO

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The International Community Is Invited to Participate in the GlobalHAB Programme, through Seeking Endorsement of Relevant Research, Monitoring, and Modelling Activities Relating to HAB Projects


Procedures and criterion for obtaining GlobalHAB endorsement of science activities

GlobalHAB provides an international structure for planning and coordination of international scientific activities related to HABs in aquatic environments and their effects on the ecosystems, human health and wellbeing. In addition, GlobalHAB helps providing a framework for national and regional projects to (1) coordinate their activities and, (2) participate in coordinated initiatives of research, observations, and modelling on HABs.

Scientists are invited to participate in GlobalHAB by designing scientific activities in alignment with the goals and objectives of GlobalHAB, and by applying for endorsement of such activities, and participation in framework activities.

The GlobalHAB SSC may endorse already funded projects, project proposals at the funding submission stage, or letters of intent. The primary criterion for endorsement is applicability to any of the GlobalHAB Science Plan objectives. Details of current endorsed project are listed on the GlobalHAB website.

Requests for endorsement are initiated by submission of the accompanying application form, emailed to the Chair of the GlobalHAB SSC (Contact). GlobalHAB SSC members and GlobalHAB chair (or vice-chair, if the chair is unavailable) will then assess the submission and make a decision about endorsement. The applicant will be notified no later than one month after submission of the request. Notification will be in the form of an official GlobalHAB letter (.pdf) sent via email.  A printed version is available upon request.


Benefits of GlobalHAB endorsement

Individuals and research teams that participate in international GlobalHAB activities will receive the following benefits from their association with the programme:


  • GlobalHAB will support the communication and knowledge transfer on HABs to the public, managers, and policymakers.
  • GlobalHAB will facilitate establishment of links with other relevant international programmes and bodies (e.g., GOOS, IPHAB, IOC WESTPAC, HAEDAT, ...) and related projects also endorsed by GlobalHAB.
  • GlobalHAB will facilitate dissemination of project information through newsletters, web site and other communication mechanisms.



  • To communicate the progress of the project to GlobalHAB SSC once per year (or when necessary) between the endorsed project and the GlobalHAB SSC. Refer to update template
  • Specify endorsement by GlobalHAB in scientific publications. Refer to examples of acknowledgement.
  • Provide copies of scientific publications for listing as GlobalHAB Programme outputs.
  • Contribute to the dissemination of GlobalHAB via seminar/Webinar.